Very Dark 1l

Canada Grade A Pure Organic Maple Syrup - Very Dark, Strong Taste

With its pronounced taste and color, the darkest of the Canadian rankings, the Very Dark is the ideal syrup to cook not only pastries, but also a varied range of dishes. In addition to enhancing your dishes, it is an excellent substitute for refined sugar, an alternative as healthy as delicious.


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Testimonials / Comments

Storage: 3 years in a cellar – 6 to 12 months once opened – Keep refrigerated after opening.

Originally, I purchased this syrup to use in granola or to make a Maple/Miso marinade for a pork belly. After tasting it, I’ve realized that this is too damn good to just use in granola. It is intensely flavorful and has a stronger flavor than the previous brands I’ve purchased in stores and on Amazon. I’m glad I came across this.

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