Escuminac Maple Syrup Luxury Gift Box 3 x 200ml

A perfect gift!

The gift of our three exquisite gourmet maple syrup flavours in a very elegant gift box.

🍁Our special edition maple gift box. A collection of our 3 harvests of pure canadian maple syrup. Bottled at the maple farm in Escuminac, Quebec, Canada. Comes in a luxurious reusable gift box.
🍁Extra Rare Amber Rich Taste : Harvested at the beginning or the season, delicate, subtle, velvety and silky it is our most delicate syrup.
🍁Great Harvest Dark Medium Taste : Harvested in the middle of the season, luxuriously thicker syrup with a buttery mouthfeel that coats the palate beautifully. Tastes like a warm hug!
🍁Late Harvest Dark Robust Taste: Harvested at the end of the season (formerly grade b), Intensely dark, complex and strong. Enjoy the toffee notes. Golden brown molasses color with clean maple notes.
🍁USDA and Ecocert Canada organic certified. Unblended, Single Origin. All Canada Grade A. Gluten free, vegan, traceable from forest to plate. NO additives, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavors.


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Storage: 3 years in a cellar – 6 to 12 months once opened – Keep refrigerated after opening.