Molecular harmony & aromatic paths The science of the perfect match

After almost thirty years of experimentation and intensive research in wine stewardship, study of the cuisines worldwide, comprehensive reading on food, oenological and wine-growing sciences, François Chartier’s scientific research on the subject, undertaken in 2002, can be summed up as such: by combining ingredients and/or liquids where one or several aromatic chemicals of the same family, the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

By virtue of an “aromatic synergy”, 1 + 1 = 3, and sometimes even 4. This, therefore, gives rise to a “new mathematics of flavour” to explain the rationale behind the harmony of wines and dishes, as well as that behind the creation and success of the hundreds of thousands of recipes which have fed the world’s gastronomic heritage since the dawn of time.

Below, the aromatic paths and the molecular harmony of our exceptional organic syrups, elaborated by expert François Chartier.

The expertise of flavours

François Chartier, “Creator of harmonies”, is considered to be one of the main researchers in terms of recipe creation and food and wine pairing on the international level. The world-renowned wine critic Robert M. Parker describes him as a “Pure genius” and Ferran Adrai and Juli Soler of the elBulli restaurant describe him as “The top expert in flavours”.Without ever stopping to search and to reinvent himself since he won the prestigious World’s Best Sommelier in wines and spirits of France prize (GrandPrix Sopexa, Paris 1994), the first results of his research in harmonies and aromatic wine stewardship — a discipline he created in 2004 — were published in his book Papilles et Molécules, voted best cooking book in the world, in the innovation category, at the Gourmand WorldCookBook Awards in Paris in 2010.

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