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12 April 2019
12 April 2019
Photo Benoît Linero

Roasted Scallops

By Christophe Aribert


  • SCALLOPS – 16 scallops, cereal mixture (millet, sesame seeds, poppy seeds)
  • GARNISH – 1 black radish, 3 salsify, 3 mint leaves, 10g pine nuts, lemongrass, fresh ginger
  • MAPLE-YUZU SAUCE – 15cl yuzu juice, 15cl Escuminac Maple syrup
  • FINISH WITH – Olive oil, smoked salt, fleur de sel.


  1. 1.SCALLOPS – Coat one side only of the scallops with the cereal mix.
  2. 2.GARNISH – Make a julienne of black radish, with a mandolin slicer, thinly slice the peeled salsify. Add a touch of chopped lemongrass, grated ginger and chopped mint, then toasted pine nuts.
  3. 3.MAPLE-YUZU SAUCE – Mix the Escuminac Maple Syrup with the yuzu juice.
  4. 4.PRESENTATION & FINISHING TOUCHES – Grill the side with the cereal coating, then turn over. Season with fleur de sel and smoked salt. Cook in a 180 °C oven for a few seconds. Season the salsify and black radish with olive oil and dress.

*Blog of Christophe Aribert

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